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At Global CV Solutions you will find a team of HR industry specific specialists who will work with you to accelerate your career path.  Having a powerfully written and well-presented CV clearly gives you a significant advantage over other job applicants.

There’s no standard template. You are unique to us. We’re different because we think globally. We do not only understand the New Zealand job market, we also know how to present a CV that appeals to international markets. Our background in human resources means we have the tools to promote you through a well written CV and get you that interview.

Our system is designed to be fast, efficient and easy for you.  We are a privately owned company with an extremely collaborative, experienced and multi-talented team which means we are able to ensure that you get a professional resume that is written specifically for your target market. A CV that sell your skills, experience and attributes.

Our other services also speak for themselves.  The process for each of our services may differ but the one constant is you will always be able to talk with a REAL person, 7 days a week.   We pride ourselves on prompt and personal communication so you will always receive an individual service.

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Our CV Process

Our CV process has been designed to be as simple as possible and very user friendly.  We have used this system effectively to help thousands of people from all over New Zealand and across the world.

All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and your new professional resume will be ready in five working days.

Step 1:  Choose the right CV Package
Step 2:  Supply your basic information
Step 3:  Undertake your Consultation
Step 4:  Review your completed Draft
Step 5:  Sign Off on your new CV

images.jpgOur Coaching Process

For both our interview preparation and career coaching sessions, all you have to do is pick up the phone, outline your requirements and arrange a suitable time.

We will then match you up with the most appropriate consultant.  They will send you all your pre-session material and arrange the details of your meeting.

We are extremely flexible and can usually react quickly, often providing coaching sessions with minimal notice. The ideal timing is about three days' notice so you have time to do your pre-session ‘homework’ and plan correctly. 

Our CV Update Process 

For CV Updates we need to know the context for the update  - you might want to keep your CV up to date for when that "dream job" comes up? Do your last 2 roles need including?  How about that new qualification?  Changing career direction? 

Just email us to outline our requirements as well as attaching your present CV. We then come back to you with a costed Proposal for Services.  If you are an existing client we have your original CV and any updates and cover letters all on file.   

Our LinkedIn Profile Process

We will compile your new LinkedIn Profile in a similar way to your new CV.  We will take the information in any existing CV as well as what comes from the consultation and provide you with a user friendly document which you can then upload onto the LinkedIn site once you have signed up - we even give you a step by step guide to do that as well!

If you have an existing LinkedIn Profile that needs refining to complement the content of your latest CV and/or your reasons for being on LinkedIn then we follow a similar process.  

We offer a 50% discount on the price of a new LinkedIn Profile for past and present CV clients!   

Why Choose Global CV Solutions?

  • Specialist consultants in your chosen field –  knowledge on how to get the job
  • We think globally –  we write CVs that meet employers' expectations  in Wellington or Invercargill, Australia or London
  • We offer career planning and coaching – giving you guidance but letting you take ownership of your career path
  • Interview coaching – you’ve got the well-written, professional CV and you’ve got the interview. Now we’ll get you prepared, coaching you every step of the way to get the job!
  • Knowledge and experience of a diverse range of industry sectors – we know what’s hot in your industry so you can be primed for the selection process in your field and have a competitive advantage
  • Your professional CV and cover letter will be proofread by a skilled editor ensuring good grammar, punctuation and flow
  • More reasons why to choose Global CV Solutions .

10 reasons why you should choose

Global CV Solutions


1. We are specialists

All our team have an HR or recruitment background so we write your CV from a unique perspective of what a hiring manager wants to see in a professional resume. Being global also means we have experience in writing for almost any country in the world, at any level, role or industry.

2. We are everywhere

We employ consultants throughout New Zealand. Our business model is based on conducting phone or Skype consultations, so it doesn’t matter where you live.

3. No templates

Every single client is treated as an individual with a unique background and set of skills so we can guarantee every CV and letter is personalised to you. Your CV is written using the information and career history you provide in any existing CV and during your consultation with your consultant. We gather all the relevant information we need; including what you may have in any existing CV. 

4. Personalised consultations

We conduct detailed and confidential phone or Skype interview consultations with every client as a critical part of developing your CV so we can fully understand your career path and future aspirations.

5. Proven success

We have worked with thousands of people and we KNOW our professional CVs and targeted letters help clients secure an interview and their dream job – see our Testimonials for proof.   

6. Here to help every step of the way

We understand that providing a great CV is not always enough so we can also compile a cover letter for a specific application you want to make. We  have also developed interview and career coaching packages for those who need further help securing their dream job.

7. We are open all hours

You can make an enquiry or phone call 24/7, and we will get back to you as soon as practicable. We also offer weekend consultations and coaching sessions.

8. We guarantee our work

Every single piece of our work, no matter how small, is 100% guaranteed until you are completely satisfied and happy.

9. Simple process that works

We have developed a very effective process that is simple, effective and fast no matter what level, role or industry you are in.

10. We are different

It sounds cliché but we really do care. Your success is our success so we are constantly looking at ways to improve our professional service and help our clients further.

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