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Mid career

Our Established Career CV package is just that – for those at any age or level that are in a stable career and happy to continue along this path. The number of years in employment is irrelevant and it is all about your career focus, level and role within an organisation.

Key points to note before selecting this package:

  • Our most versatile package appeals to a wide cross section of people across a variety of roles and industries as it positions you for all mid-level applications
  • Typically this will suit anyone with 6-12 years' work experience who is still at the stage of building their career or you have reached a level you are comfortable with
  • If you are self- employed, re-entering the job market or have a 30 year track record in similar roles (example: nursing, teaching, building, army etc), then this package could still be right for you
  • If you have come from another country and are in lower level employment than previously held, this will help reposition you for the New Zealand market so you can start to rebuild your career again
  • This Established Career resume package is perfect for clients who want to take a step back in position, so this might be a self-employed manager or more senior person who wants less responsibilities and needs a CV and letter that doesn't frighten off potential employers by appearing too senior
  • Suitable for anyone changing career direction later in life or relocating to another country where you will be targeting mid level roles
  • Our Established Career CV package builds a 'picture' of your career complete with brief explanations on each company, targets achievements and professional goals reached, promotes your core competencies that are required to be successful in the specific role and industry you work in, combined with a focus on the right team fit and cultural environment
  • If in doubt, call us on   0800 867 287.


CV and cover letter - $360.00 + GST ($414.00)

CV only - $300.00 + GST ($345.00)

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"I am very impressed with the layout and wording, it is all accurate and has the ability to sell myself better than I could have imagined.

The help you have provided is perfect and I really do appreciate it. I am so lucky to have stumbled upon your website."

James McArtney
Platform Support Analyst, Wellington

“I got the job so I must say a big thank you to you and your team for the great CV.”

Peter Howell
Automotive Specialist, Auckland